Montage Furniture Services (MFS) has the perfect plan to meet your needs, offering plans for
individual furniture pieces or same-upholstery sets. Furnishing a room and need to cover multiple
category purchases? No worries. We've got you covered with our Combination plans that
provide multiple category protection all on one plan.

Our Furniture Protection Plans cover fabric upholstery, leather and vinyl, wood, case goods and
other hard-surface furniture. MFS also offers Protection Plans for mattresses, power bases,
area rugs, and billiards. Most manufacturers' warranties only cover up to a year, whereas MFS Furniture
Protection Plans provides peace of mind with 5-year coverage.

What are MFS Furniture Protection Plans?

A MFS Furniture Protection Plan helps protect your new furniture from accidental stains and damage caused by you or someone in your home. A Plan provides service for stain removal, repair, and even replacement of irreparable damaged items, depending on the type of plan you purchase.

A Furniture Protection Plan is not a warranty. Warranties cover manufacturer issues with the product. Typically the damage associated with a warranty is caused by an issue with the design, workmanship, or quality of materials, and is not caused by you. MFS Plans provide you with a furniture repair expert when you need one — from our network of thousands of furniture technicians across the United States who can:


  • Food and beverage stains

  • Household stains

  • Ink stains

  • Lipstick, nail polish, cosmetics

  • Human and pet bodily fluids


  • Punctures, rips, cuts, tears, and burns in most leathers and fabrics

  • Burns, heat marks, scratches, and gouges in wood

  • Springs, frames, and certain mechanisms.